A new world!

Many of us are finding that the things that we thought we didn’t have time to do we can now do. However many of us may still be finding we aren’t actually doing those things we thought we would do one day as time wasn’t the issue it was motivation and priority!

This is true for me too – haven’t written in my blog for ages! We use time as an excuse but the reality is that something has to change before we will get on to do the many things that we would simply rather not do.

This is true for our career development too. Sadly many are experiencing job losses, reduction in hours and difficult work environments. Career professionals have been saying for many years that workers and businesses need to be flexible adaptable and changeable since the world of work is changing. I don’t think anyone really predicted this much change but change is constant and we should not be surprised.

The reality is that all the past career advice and support still stands true so let’s use this time to look at your career development, something we should be doing regularly anyway.

1. Don’t panic, be realistic – statistics tell us that about 80% of people don’t really like their current job. So maybe the current situation is a good opportunity to rethink your options. The workforce has been moving for some time to ‘career portfolio’ style where you may have 2 or more jobs at once to meet your lifestyle and financial needs. If you aren’t already doing this maybe this is something that you may need to consider. Maybe it is a good time to consider some online further education. Maybe a good time to rethink your work life balance and how you could make some beneficial changes to have a more satisfying life.

2. Skills audit – make a comprehensive list of all the skills that you have. You may not have used them in employment but they are skills nonetheless that can be applied to work environments. This link will help you identify these.

3. Interests audit – who am I! Make a list of all the activities and places where you feel comfortable. Go back to your childhood and think about things you loved to do. Identify any common threads eg talking, making people laugh, solving tricky problems

4. Get creative – think and read about all that is happening right now. Identify gaps and shortages in services and products eg tracking data, delivering products, cleaning, the caring professions, online services, agriculture. Let the entrepreneur in you run free and make a list!

4. Study your 3 lists to see some patterns and opportunities that may arise. Discuss (at a distance!) your lists with others who know you well. They may be able to add some ideas too which will help you clarify where you should be heading.

STAY POSITIVE! Change is constant, always was, always is. The successful people are those who can best embrace and adapt to change. Make that you!

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