I’m back

Apologies to those who have been reading my blog and not heard from me for a long time. I have made a huge career transition myself and have been busy with adapting to these changes. My experience may be useful to others especially if you are looking for a career change or semi retirement.

The change began for us when we took a long vacation on the Gold Coast, a holiday destination for many especially during the cold winter months. Having taken extended leave from my paid job and a hiatus from my private practice it was a great experience to rest and relax in a new location. This led to the idea of relocation. Quite a challenging idea considering we would be leaving our long time home and adult children and grandchildren behind. Many would say we were a little crazy and experiencing a late life crisis. So why would we even consider such an option? What implications were there for lifestyle? What opportunities for work? What were the opportunities for personal growth? What were the financial and personal risks?

I would be happy to share some of the problem solving process and the implications some 12 months later if anyone feels it may be useful for your own career, retirement or personal journey. Let me know what you think?

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