Year 12 is done – so what now?!!

Many Year 12 students and parents are probably asking this questions right now. Unemployment statistics for the West of Melbourne are the highest in the state at 9% according to the Department of Employment, September 2017 more details

It is reasonable to be concerned about the future of those just trying to enter the workforce. What we do know is that those with Year 12 or higher are in a better position to gain employment. So having completed year 12 is a tick!

But now you have an ATAR what are the options for a University course? It might be sobering to know that GOING to university does not necessarily guarantee you a job, and some of Australia’s best universities have the worst employment outcomes for graduates. New data released by the Good Universities Guide reveals about 30 per cent of undergraduates left university without any job prospects and were struggling to make inroads into the competitive job market.

Some key questions are an important part of your research before choosing a course. What are the employment prospects? What programs/ opportunities are there during the course to be exposed to the workforce and network with future employers?

Consider that some industries are declining in employment growth and others are likely to show strong growth. ‘Health Care and Social Assistance is projected to make the largest contribution to employment growth (increasing by 250,500), followed by Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (126,400), Construction (120,700) and Education and Training (116,200). Together, these four industries are projected to provide 61.5 per cent of total employment growth over the five years to May 2022.’ according to government statistics Sept 2017.

Think carefully before embarking on an expensive degree program, a shorter course at TAFE (Diploma or Certificate) to give you an insight into an industry can be a great pathway. If you are not passionate about a career area or course consider taking a Gap Year and try to get some real work- paid or volunteer to clarify your interests. Consider a trade qualification, a growing number of government infrastructure projects like the Rail Link are employing. more information

Talk to a school, university or private careers adviser to assist with what is best for you. It may well save you expense and disappointments in the future.

Enid Stein, Private Careers Practitioner

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