Work life balance

‘Work life balance’ is a term that is a bit of a buzz phrase these days. And while everyone seems to think it is a great idea very few are able to get that balance right. Lets look at worklife balance from a different perspective. Undoubtedly our life at work and our actual life impact on each other. Consider this though how much does our happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment come from our work and from our life? If one is going well more than likely so is the other. It is impossible not to have one influence the other. For example, had a bad nights sleep, a tiff with the partner or the kids it is very likely that our work performance and attitude is going to be detrimentally affected by this. Similarly a bad day at work is likely to impact on our relationships and state of mind when we get home.

Think about work life balance as your ability to separate the two activities in your life – work vs home/self! So the trick is to try and keep the two separate. If we allow one to over influence the other then our life overall is going to spiral down. Switch off from work physically, electronically and emotionally as soon as you leave. If you do work from home keep it within a set number of hours. When you work or are at work make this your 100% focus. You will be more productive and efficient and then able to get on with the life part outside these hours unencumbered by work issues. Will take some practice to compartmentalize the work from the life but in the end it will improve your work life balance.

Interested to hear from others on how they maintain a good work life balance in this competitive environment.

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