More on VCE exams

More talk today about exams. 3AW had Michael Carr-Gregg,  Psychologist, talking about how to assist with studying and exam stress.

A couple of interesting tips to do while studying to aid concentration and retention

  1. Chew gum!
  2. Take your shoes off!
  3. Listen to white noise (maybe rain falling sounds) or classical music (Mozart)
  4. Use Mind Maps to summarise your work. I think this one is good if you think in pictures – that is you have a strength in perceptual skills, however if your strength is verbal then rewriting notes and speaking out loud as if you are giving a lecture may be better. If you are stronger in numerical thinking try putting the information into a logical table or chart.

If you do not know what is your stronger skill, your aptitude type, you may like to try the Morrisby Vocational testing process. It will also help greatly with future career choice if you know your strengths. Happy to facilitate this testing for anyone interested.

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