Exam cram!

So the time as come for Year 12 students to prepare for exams. However it is too easy to be distracted by Year 12 formal dresses, graduation after parties, muck up days, plans for schoolies, Christmas holidays etc – so what do you do!? How do you cope at this time of year? First be smart! Focus on whatever you are doing – if you are studying – STUDY, if you are partying- PARTY. Just make sure you are 100% in the moment. Everything is important and worth doing but give enough time to each thing. Be realistic about how much time you have left to get the study part done and plan accordingly. Focus on your English subject as that is always going to impact on your ATAR score, also focus on any subject that requires a set mark to get into your favoured course.

A few tips to make the study time work

  • Divide up your planned study sessions to allow enough hours to revise each subject according to the importance of the subject.
  • Always start with something you quite like then work up to the tough stuff.
  • Get a study buddy to keep you on track and help them keep on track.
  • Ignore all social media and calls while you are studying – remember 100% in the moment, then you can go 100% on all the other stuff you want to do when your study session is over.

Some good focus now will pay dividends in a few weeks when you really can party feeling good that you have given your year 12 your best shot!

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