CAREERSAdvice exists to provide you with personal Careers Guidance and Life Coaching through an affordable range of  online and face to  face packages.

Career planning is essential in getting your life going in the right direction. CAREERSAdvice offers the practical support; tools and advice that you need to do what YOU want to do! Accredited Morrisby Profile vocational testing and interpretation available.   Whether you are:

  • Entering the final years of schooling
  • Involved or interested in tertiary studies
  • Looking for a first career job
  • Desiring a change
  • Re-entering the workforce

  CAREERSAdvice can help!


CAREERSAdvice is a private career consultancy set up to meet the needs of today’s job market, where change is constant and rapid. Those joining the workforce today are looking for employment that will enhance their lifestyle rather than a job that will take over their lives and limit their choices.

It is important that newcomers to the job market and those preparing for the workforce are well educated on how to get what they want.

By providing this service online we are considering your need for advice and support at a time that suits you. CAREERSAdvice provides the information electronically and supports your needs quickly and efficiently. Face to Face consultations are available on the Gold Coast by appointment. Follow up online support is also provided.

FREE INTRODUCTORY chat by phone or face to face to verify how CAREERSAdvice can assist you. Call Enid on  0413 412 617



  1. MORRISBY ONLINE VOCATIONAL TESTING – excellent for students over 15 and anyone unsure of their career goals. This includes online testing (click here for more details) followed by Skype, phone or FaceTime counselling. Face to face counselling also available on the Gold Coast by appointment.


2. MORRISBY PROFILE small private group or school group testing and counselling – original paper and pencil testing (Profile sample) with individual face to face counselling session – from $200 depending on group size. Contact Enid 0413412617 for more details.


3. CAREER SEARCH AND JOB APPLICATION SUPPORT – individual counselling sessions with online support while you clarify your next career goal and make necessary applications, resume development, cover letters and/or training to get there – from $100 per session.


4. COURSE SEARCH SUPPORT – assistance with finding the right course of study and making those direct applications and/or through VTAC or other central tertiary admissions sites from $80.